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Top Medical OEMs, and their Molding supply chain across the globe, partner with RJG
to optimize medical device part processes with verified quality, mitigating risk.
Manufacturing efficiency reduces the cost of quality as well as the waste stream. RJG
has been a leader of injection molding education, technology, and consulting for 35
years. Our mission is to transform injection molding companies through experiential
learning so that you can Mold Smart, improving sustainable business continuity and
supply chain resiliency.
Mold Smart starts in the product design phase. Improperly vetted designs can lead to
significant financial and time costs throughout the device lifecycle.  RJG's TZERO program
provides an art-to-part solution using digital twin simulation to ensure absolute
efficiency from the beginning of a product launch. That means getting to market faster
with full confidence.
Take collaborative action with RJG to facilitate empowering your workforce and use
technology to your strategic advantage. RJG's sensors and process control technology
provides real-time visibility of your product output. The CoPilot® software
monitors/controls each machine's performance and The Hub® software provides
advanced data analytics, networked anywhere in the world. Validated part processes
are documented with the auditable history that can be transferred across your molding
supply chain.

Our award-winning training is a globally recognized industry standard.  With decades of
integration experience and intimate knowledge of plastics, combined with the passion
for helping molders succeed, it’s clear why we are a leading company of injection
molding training
, both online and in person.

Contact us to start today. Join the Mold Smart Experience.